Application of Safety Chuck

Safety chuck is supporting the roll torque transmission and pre-engineered solutions. These economies have applicable safety chuck flange and shaft seat type and other specifications and options, it is widely used in light load and standard load, which is also in a considerable number of heavy-duty applications.

Safety chuck main function automatically turns off the handwheel (If the manual shutdown is ignored) to prevent inadvertent release of the shaft during operation is designed for a variety of load and speed conditions handwheel lock turret winder and related applications replaceable insert minimized cost of ownership, and to ensure that the majority of braking and drive long-term requirements for optimal performance unique socket designed for high speed and high load applications minimize vibration standard or customized shaft

Safety chuck plate overall strengths and weaknesses of the security card and reasonable structure, good rigidity, can withstand greater torque, eliminating the rotating loosening. Safety chuck port nickel plated, bayonet after hardened high hardness, durable.

Safety chuck high quality bearings ensure that in the case of heavy load, telling the operation can be used normally.

Safety chuck Features: replaceable hardened plug independent of automatic closing handwheel design a variety of sizes / optional accessories durable construction type square or triangular pedestals benefits: long life, low cost of increased security performance for multi kinds of applications to extend the service life, reduce maintenance rate maximum torque transmission, coil loading and unloading easier.

Security classification flange mounting chuck chuck shaft-seat safety chuck, mechanical chuck, chuck without shaft, torque chuck, pneumatic expansion metal key chuck, chuck shaftless example: No matter what you're using kind of pneumatic device or torque drive chuck, to avoid damage to the core of the key is whether there is a stable, solid tension. The new pneumatic expansion metal key chuck has a very extensive contact surface for providing a continuous tensioning force to avoid injury to the volume inside the core. It means that when you replace a package, no longer used need to pull out, pull and beat way to disassemble the chuck. Likewise, it can also direct maintenance and tool-free replacement adapter package on the machine, significantly reducing downtime and operational risk. No more than five seconds, only a very simple two-step operation can be replaced reel. Faster speed, more powerful tension effect - no wonder people call it "Raptor (Raptor)." Torque chuck: core inner diameter 76mm ~ 305mm (3 "~ 12") Torque chuck designed to meet the continuous operation without shaft applications.

This new torque chuck has a strong torque output, is the ideal equipment corrugated paper, film, paging machine or laminator. Pneumatic expansion metal key chuck: core inner diameter 76mm ~ 305mm (3 "~ 12") pneumatic metal expansion chuck key is easy to use and maintenance, and the use of non-axis winding core together help prevent core damage. It is printing, laminating machines, high-speed paging machine unwinding ideal use of equipment, the same applies to zero speed bonding machine.


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