How To Extend The Service Life Of Air Shaft Much Longer

Shafts technical presentations:

high working efficiency: Separation and placement reel just inflating and deflating the action is completed for about 3 seconds, without any decomposition of a part of the axial end side that is able to tightly bite reel.

reel placed simple: to charge and discharge gas operation, mobile and stationary reel in any position spool shaft surface.

big load capacity: Pneumatic reel designed to follow the conditions of use, so that the shaft diameter increased, and the use of high stress steel, increased load capacity.

cost-effective: the design axis is fully functional, for thick, thin, wide, narrow volumes of various types of pipes have encountered the full application.

simple maintenance and long life: the spare parts of the pneumatic shaft has fixed size, and have encountered all the decomposition and combination of parts by the factory strict seized goods, durable.

widely used: the independent design, from 1 inch to 12 inch for torsion and carry the weight of the high points, printing, rewinding, coating, laminating, bag, paper and other industrial equipment or other related central reeling and to send armed phase of

the material used in conjunction.

Product Name: Convex button/Key type air shaft (air shaft) Product Description: Uses: Suitable for coating, cutting, printing, rewinding, composite, paper, bag, plastic, and other related mechanical retractable reel, can effectively improve work efficiency.


Air Shaft Features:

shaft main body made of high quality steel, chrome plated;

convex aluminum bond stretching flexible;

rapid deployment of quality rubber bladder filled with exhaust gas nozzle, and good sealing effect, long service life;

detachable shaft head, easy to maintenance, φ76.2mm (3”) diameter paper tube diameter,the diameter of the air shaft isφ74mm,it can be reach toφ79mm after air inflation.The user customized inflatable shall specify the shaft air shaft type, dimensions, marked an important dimension of the shaft tolerance level and number of orders. If you have special requirements, please contact me.

Button air shaft: also known as the projection-button air shaft, air shaft spline, and many called, but works the same.

Air shaft features: expansion portion is spline, usually unilateral expansion height of up to 5mm to 6mm, such as pre-expanded diameter of 74mm to 75mm, up to 79mm in diameter after expansion to 82mm, special expansion height, further requirements. Key 3 inches air shaft, usually paper tube inner diameter of 76mm. Key air shaft from the expansion of a single spline fulcrum spread to various spline, balanced force, applicable to mechanical rolling heavy carrying capacity items such as: cloth \ paper \ thin film \ print \ leather \ composite materials, mainly based on the actual needs.

Leaf type/Board type/Slatted type Air shaft

Standard roll core shaft after uninflated outside diameter is 3¨ (Ø74mm ), the outer diameter of after air inflation is Ø79 - Ø82mm

Note: according to the size of the special requirements of customers, production design to meet your needs.

Leaf type/Board type/Slatted type Air shaft air shaft introducing foreign advanced production equipment and fabrication technology, using imported balloon, the shaft head for the high-quality steel blackened, high quality aluminum slats made of hard anodized, easy to use, long life. When used with our professional profile pneumatic gun at the gas filling the gas nozzle so that the outer surface of the shaft slats, even bulge, thereby locking the barrel, when unloading, press and hold the deflated mouth to deflated Remove the cartridge.

Air shaft performance and advantages: air shaft in practical applications, easy to operate; quick; flatulence barrel force area, the force distribution characteristics.

Air shaft Uses: Widely used in color printing, cutting, coating, compounding and other machinery and equipment retractable reel.

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