PG-650A EPC Control System

Name:PG-650A EPC Control System
Roller diameter:80mm / custom made
Roller length:650mm / custom made
Roller width:430mm / custom make
Max. speed:40mm/s
Environment temperature:-10~60°C, below RH90

PG-650A EPC Web Guiding Control system 

PG Series Introduction

The Newly developed all-in-one web guide controller is applied to accurate correct the narrow wide range of materials. Especially for label printing, packaging and non-woven industries.

All-in-one web guiding controller is with compact design, easy installation and saving space. Controller, driver and detector are integrated which help user to increase high efficiency during installation and debugging.


All-In-One Web Guiding Control system Features

1. Brushless DC servo motor driving, maintenance free;

2. Accuracy ball screw bar and accuracy positioning;

3. With large guiding travel;

4. Roller length and width can be custom made;

5. Roller surface treatment can be anodized, rubber and cork leather;

6. Manual or air fixture of the cutting station is optional.

All-In-One Web Guiding Control system Data


AC220V /80W

Roller diameter

80mm / custom made

Roller length

650mm / custom made

Roller width

430mm / custom make

Max. speed


Environment temperature

-10~60°C, below RH90%

All-In-One Web Guiding Control System Installation Size